Specialist Access

An approach from all ‘angles’ with ‘stacks’ of experience

In addition to traditional steeplejack techniques, the practice of rope access has a long-standing history spanning centuries. While steeplejacks have historically utilised tools like the Bosun’s Chair, more contemporary methods such as twin rope abseiling have gained preference. Specialist rope access techniques enable access to areas that would otherwise be unreachable by conventional means, offering both effectiveness and cost-efficiency through the utilization of rope access rigging.

Moreover, we incorporate heavy-duty telescopic boom lifts when necessary, providing a solution to overcome time-consuming obstacles or manoeuvring challenges posed by awkward angles.

Working at height necessitates the implementation of reliable man-safe systems, ensuring the protection and prevention of accidents in a worse-case situation. There are four primary types of fall protection systems:

  • Safety Net System
  • Personal Fall Arrest System
  • Man-safe System
  • Edge Protection System

Eyebolts and abseiling points are widely employed in various operations, including rope access and window cleaning. We prioritise the safety and maintenance of these systems in accordance with the rigorous standards outlined in BS 7883:2019. Testing of these systems should be conducted annually, except in the case of A1 anchor points classified under BS EN795, which require testing every 6 months. As an integral part of Tarrant Group’s specialist high-level maintenance, eyebolt testing is imperative to ensure ongoing safety. If eyebolts are no longer in use, we either remove them or clearly tag them as “NOT IN USE”.