Our History | Specialist contract company in the UK, Tarrant Group

High Rise History

Set up in the 1970s, Tarrant Group is one of the longest established specialist contract companies in the UK

From its humble beginnings as a small company in the steeple jacking industry, the company reached its first heights in the 1970s when it completed an extensive construction project on Beecham’s chimney in Portslade, West Sussex. Since that time, the company has grown rapidly and steadily throughout the UK with the acquisition of major contracts throughout the entire country.

Adrian Tarrant alongside Vic Grealey on top of Beecham’s Chimney while Adrain worked for Furse in his early 20’s, mastering the trade.

Adrian Tarrant (right, founder of Tarrant Group) with Vic Grealey (left) after painting the Beecham’s chimney 120ft up in the air.

Adrian Tarrant along side Bob Harfield & Alan Harfield.

150-200ft up, carrying out repairs on a Venturi steel chimney. Location unknown.

The chimney coming together as repairs are carried out.

Health & Safety at it’s finest! Steeplejack Bob Harfield is seen hanging from a crane 200ft up in the air without a harness.