Lightning Protection Testing & Maintenance Services in the UK

Testing & Maintenance

Ensuring your systems are operating and safeguarding your infrastructure

Commitment, Customisation & Optimisation

In terms of servicing, we strongly advise conducting an annual lightning protection test to ensure your lightning protection system adheres to the standards set by BS EN 62305 and provides the highest level of protection. By doing so, you not only guarantee a superior level of safety for the structure itself but also prioritise the well-being of individuals utilising the building.

Irrespective of the issues we identify during the lightning protection testing process, we always prioritise recommending the most effective solutions to resolve them. It is important to emphasize that our recommendations are impartial, and we are delighted to test and maintain systems that were not initially installed by our team. We firmly believe in upholding the safety and protection of the UK’s infrastructure, be it in the public or private sectors.

During the design phase, soil resistivity tests are conducted to determine the most suitable earthing system for the ground conditions. Based on the results, we utilise methods such as driven electrodes, earth plates, or deep drilling boreholes & installation of copper earth-mats and a soil resistivity compound such as conducrete. These methods align with the requirements of BS EN 62305 and BS 7430, ensuring compliance and delivering exceptional outcomes