Inspection & Maintenance for Tall Structures - Steeplejack Services

Inspection & Maintenance

Routine inspection & maintenance preventing disrepair and unnecessary cost as well as predicting any forthcoming repairs

Our rope access experts conduct thorough visual inspections of tall structures, ensuring their integrity. We also perform lightning protection inspections, adhering to BS EN 62305 standards. Through testing resistance, continuity, and indicators, we ensure comprehensive lightning protection for our customers.

Inspecting and maintaining high-rise structures is crucial for identifying safety issues. We employ various methods, including drone technology and meticulous visual inspections, to detect any potential problems. Swift identification and resolution of these issues are vital to prevent harm to surrounding structures, the public, and the environment.


  • Laddered visual inspections with a full written report with recommendations
  • Regular ladder inspections for any corrosive or damaged areas
  • Video/drone Inspection (including photographic)
  • Internal inspection of linings
  • Inspection of lightning protection equipment as well as testing


  • Periodic surveys (recommended)
  • Cleaning of debris and terminal points
  • Repair of any damages to structure
  • Application of protective coating
  • Installation, testing & maintenance of lightning protection
  • Ultrasonic scanning